The Crossover Approach to IT Band Syndrome

ITB Pain

Here we’ll outline an IT band syndrome treatment plan to help get you moving pain-free again. IT band syndrome plagues the outside portion of the knee and is one of the most common forms of knee pain. The problem usually arises as an overuse injury, especially after ramping up the number of knee bends in […]

A Quick Guide to Knee Sprain Rehab

Knee Sprain

A quick turn followed by a pop of the knee may be the pinnacle of oh s*** moments. It’s a common occurrence in sporting events but also happens in everyday life. It’s not always a grave situation—knees make creaky noises all the time and are quite robust— but the dreaded knee sprain does happen to […]

Guide to Meniscus Tear Recovery


This article will be your guide to meniscus tear recovery and hopefully provide some clarity on this common knee issue.  We’ll start with an easy understanding of the meniscus and what it does. Then we’ll help you identify potential issues and what research says about the most current treatment options. The first note is that […]

The Quick Guide to Understanding How Your Knee Works

Knee Pain

The knee isn’t super complex. It bends, it straightens and allows for a bit of rotation. Yet even simple things sometimes need a user manual. That’s because a pair of healthy knees is essential to active living. Try getting off the floor or landing with straight peg legs to understand why. Without the knees walking […]

Death, Taxes, & Back Pain

Back Pain

Low back pain is so common it has earned the title of “the common cold of the musculoskeletal system”. So inevitable, that Ben Franklin’s famous comment… “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” should have included… “and back pain.” According to a 2010 study, up to 90% of people will experience […]

The Approach to Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

“Improvise, adapt, and overcome…” The unofficial mantra of the United States Marine Corps and an important mindset for anyone looking to overcome an obstacle….and certainly applicable to getting past pain and injury. Let’s dive into an understanding of what’s needed to overcome a shoulder problem, specifically when surgery is not an option or the last […]

Stress, Pain, and Stiffness

Tight Traps

We get comments like this all the time… “There are always knots in my traps” or… “My traps are super tight, and I cannot stretch them enough” Along with these complaints, there are also stacks of research implicating the upper traps as the driving force behind shoulder pain. But we should stop thinking of the […]

How to Use Crossover Symmetry to Fight Frozen Shoulder

Sore Shoulder

The worst part of Frozen Shoulder is the recovery timeline can drag out for many years with little way of knowing the prognosis.  But with an exercise plan like Crossover Symmetry, you’ve got a tool for a crucial part of the recovery process.  Although, the full scope of the issue is a bit more complex. […]

Self Treatment Guide for Shoulder Separation

Shoulder Separation

If you’ve got lingering shoulder pain following a nasty fall or direct blow to the shoulder, made worse by reaching across your body, you may have suffered a shoulder separation. This is caused by the stretching or tearing of the ligaments of the AC joint.  It’s a common injury among hard-hitting sports like football, rugby, […]

How to Keep Kicking Butt Despite a Torn Labrum

Shoulder Pain

Before we layout a plan for your labrum tear using Crossover Symmetry, take a second and observe the shoulder. The ball is 3x the size of the socket. It’s more like a ball on a tee than an actual “ball and socket” like the hip. It’s not the most stable build, but it makes up […]