Important Considerations Before Going Under the Knife

Sore Shoulder

There are times when shoulder surgery is the best option. Rotator cuff tears resulting from a hard fall or accident are often good candidates for surgery.  If the accident was bad enough to have potentially dislocated or fracture the shoulder, we advise an urgent trip to have it evaluated by a sports medicine professional. But […]

How to Build Rotator Cuff Strength for Strong and Pain-Free Shoulders

Bench Press Shoulder Pain

I was fresh out of undergrad. Sitting down for my final interview as a trainer at a high-end health club.  Before me was the big boss over all the trainers in the area. A proud fellow, squeezed into a very small shirt, ready to grill me with questions. The only question I remember was the […]

End Your Pain by Retraining Your Brain


Your shoulder doesn’t hurt for no good reason! The nervous system senses a problem and is asking for you to fix it. Notice I said your nervous system is asking for a change…not your body. True pain is not something that occurs in the tissues. Rather it’s the summation of your environment and experiences in […]