How to Build the Powerhouse for Baseball Performance

Baseball Pitching

The entire sport of Baseball hinges on power— which is the ability to exert force quickly. The best players can generate and transfer power with precision and control. For both hitting and pitching, power largely comes from rotation through the core. For that reason, much of strength training for baseball is focused on improving rotational […]

Low Back Exercise to Fix Pain and Stiffness

Low Back Pain

A core training plan usually passes over the lower back exercises.  Just mention the word “core” and everyone gets stuck on six-pack abs. But if you really want a strong core, you’ve got to hit all the muscles— both big and small—that move and stabilize the spine. Look at the core on a larger scale, […]

Important Considerations Before Going Under the Knife

Sore Shoulder

There are times when shoulder surgery is the best option. Rotator cuff tears resulting from a hard fall or accident are often good candidates for surgery.  If the accident was bad enough to have potentially dislocated or fracture the shoulder, we advise an urgent trip to have it evaluated by a sports medicine professional. But […]

How to Build Rotator Cuff Strength for Strong and Pain-Free Shoulders

Bench Press Shoulder Pain

I was fresh out of undergrad. Sitting down for my final interview as a trainer at a high-end health club.  Before me was the big boss over all the trainers in the area. A proud fellow, squeezed into a very small shirt, ready to grill me with questions. The only question I remember was the […]

3 Ways to Increase Velocity for Baseball

increase velocity pitching baseball

There are many factors that contribute to increasing throwing velocity.  Let’s dive into key things you need to increase your performance this season: IMPROVING ENERGY TRANSFER The kinetic chain is a term used in sports performance to describe the connection of movement that occurs within the body. It is a series of links that act […]